A financial advisory and investment firm

Odyssey advises clients on deals

We help corporates, entrepreneurs and financial institutions to buy, sell, refinance or restructure businesses. We originate, structure and execute transactions.

Our typical deal size is up to £200m, although we have worked on much larger deals. Geography is not an issue, as most transactions have an overseas element nowadays.

We have been advising on deals for nearly twenty years, so we know what we’re doing and have strong relationships and contacts. No two deals are the same, and we focus on delivering tailored solutions to assist our clients in achieving their objectives.

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Selling a business

Selling a business can be one of your most important decisions. It is often a long and drawn out process and can be costly if not handled properly. That’s where Odyssey can help.

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Buying a business

We act for buyers as well as sellers, giving us a valuable insight into how the other side can behave. We work with corporates, investors and entrepreneurs in helping them identify and execute acquisitions. We also work with management teams although this is covered in the MBO section.

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MBO – management buy out
MBI – management buy in
BIMBO – buy in management buy out
RAMBO – rollover assisted management buy out

All referred to as management buy outs in this section!

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Fundraising & Refinancing

Odyssey works with clients in raising funds even if there is no change in ownership. Fundraising can be for positive reasons to fund expansion through organic growth (or make acquisitions) or for distressed situations as part of a recovery plan.

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Equity Releases

An equity release involves shareholders selling some of their business to a third party, often a venture capitalist, private equity house or business angel. This can be part of an exit plan, to raise finance for the company or simply to realise some cash.

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Corporate Recovery

Odyssey assist businesses and their management teams during difficult times, advising them through distressed situations. We are not insolvency practitioners as we believe you cannot be both a doctor and undertaker, so our focus is very much on survival!

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Business Plans, Forecasting & Valuations

Odyssey produce business plans, financial forecasts and valuations on just about every transaction we advise on. However, we often help clients in these areas for internal purposes even when there is no deal being contemplated.

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